Monday, February 6, 2012

How to add your link to a Linky party

Pin It If you have never posted a link to a linky party this should show you how to do it.  This tutorial is for linky parties that use Linkytools V2.0 but works for most parties.

I will have my first linky party starting tonight at 12:00 am CST and hope to see you there.

The first thing you should do is get your link to the post you would like to share.
Here you can see I copied it from my browser or you can go to your post and copy it from there.

Now look for this and click - Click here to enter.
  •  This is the window that will open up. 
  • You will copy your link here.
  • Notice the highlighted text.....DELETE it
If you don't delete it you'll get this screen.
  • Below you can see how I filled it out.
  • For the title - I choose a name for what my post is about.
I like to crop my own image.
Choose one of your images.
I picked this one. It works well because it it square.

See what happens when your images isn't square.

You can move the cropper around to pick what you like best.

I decided I didn't like the image so I hit my browser BACK button and picked a different photo.
After you click the Crop button your link will be added to the party! Easy!
Most of the time you will have to refresh the page to see your link.

Now you might want to leave a comment and then click on the other links to see some great blogs.
I hope this will help anyone who hasn't done a linky party. I am going to start a page for Blog Tips and you will be able to find this tutorial there.


Jan-Maree said...

Now THIS is very handy!!! thanks!

Pattilou said...

Connie, that butterfly is adorable! Thanks to for the linky info.

Lesley said...

Connie, these are wonderful tutorials. Thanks for sharing..will definitely be referring to them.

Marilee said...

Is this only if you have a blog?

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