Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat Eighth Table Runner

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Fast and easy small runners @Freemotion by the River
I have been making some small runners that are fun to use on small tables or in the bathroom on the back of the toilet. I was planning on making a detailed tutorial but there is too much going on right now.
Small strip runner with lace
A table runner this size uses very little fabric and make great little gifts. I like to keep some on hand in different holiday fabrics.
use one and two inch fabric strips
 I had some fat eighth fabrics which were 9 inches by 22 so I cut 2 inch strips of the prints and 1 inch strips of some solids for accents. The runner can be made as a quilt as you go by sewing your strips to the backing/batting or you can just sew the pieces together and then add your batting/backing and quilt it. I do both.
Making curved corners
I like to use this little template to round my corners, then I trim the piece and zig-zag or serge the edge.
zig-zag edges
 Then I add a 1 inch cotton cluny lace to cover the edges. I also left one runner with straight edges and then added a 2.5 inch binding. If you wanted to make the rounded corners you should use bias binding - otherwise straight binding works just fine.
Batik bath runner
 For a bath runner I like to make it about 9 inches by 17 inches which is just a little wide but after a couple washings/drying the size is perfect.

There hasn't been any change in Builder Bob's Bells Palsy but he is finally getting out a bit. I think at first it was very depressing for him (which I understand completely). Everyone asks if he had a stroke. Eating is still a pain.........just last night the poor guy bit his lip....again. Thanks for everyone asking about him.

My dad who lives with us just celebrated his 80th birthday. He has put off heart surgery for quite some time but it looks like he may have it within the next 2 weeks. He will get a valve replacement and bypass.....very serious stuff.

I have been receiving at least 100 anonymous- junk comments every day for the last week or so so I am turning off anonymous comments for a while.....sorry Pat and others! 


Angie said...

These are so SWEET---I think even I could make a few of these for gifts. :p Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :D

Terry said...

I really like these, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to start another project. lol

Sheila said...

I like your table runners. Good ideal Some people in my family have had Bells Palsy at one time or another. One of my sons had it on one side of his face when he was in his early thirties. Took a little while, but got over it completely. Same for others in my family.

Barb N said...

Those are great little gift ideas. I like the pictures on how to round out the corners - learning something new every day keeps me young! Sorry to hear about your dad's heart struggles, but perhaps this surgery will do the trick for him. You have a lot on your plate these days. (((HUGS)))

Denise :) said...

Connie, these are very sweet. I love the touch of adding the lace edging -- quite darling! I'm sorry Bob's recovery is slow...I can certainly imagine how hard it is, and I'm sorry to hear about your dad, too. You've got a lot on your plate, don't you? Sending hugs and prayers your way. :)

Lyn said...

Hi Connie, I am thinking of you and your family! This is a hard time for all. Please know I am thinking of you.
Thanks for taking the time to show us how to make the cute runners. You are the best. Sending you hugs,

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear, Connie. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I hope all goes well with your dad - and with Builder Bob.

Those look like fast and fun little runners.

Carolyn said...

Your table runners look great. I really like the rounded ends.
I hope your dad's surgery goes well. My dad has had a couple heart surgeries and I am just amazed at what they can do. And I am and thinking positively for Builder Bob, too. The body is an amazing thing and I know it may seem slow, but time will heel him. I am a strong believer that staying positive will help.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very sweet little toppers! I have been making some too.
Best of luck to your Dad and Bob!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Sending big (((HUGS))) to you Connie, Builder Bob and your Dad!!!

Cyn said...

Your table runners are so pretty! The green variegated leaf fabric is super.
Continued prayers coming your way for B.Bob and for your Dad, too. Hope they both get feeling better real quick!
Aren't the annonymous scammers horrid?! I've been getting a ton as well. Tried turning off just annonymous, but it didn't "take". I might put the awful "word thingy" back on for just a short while.

Rachel said...

Love the runner, good luck to dad!!

Lesley said...

Connie, I am thinking about have so very much going on right now. Will continue to send prayers and positive thoughts...sounds like your play therapy may take the form of sewing...giggle...glad you still get to play once in awhile!

Kiera, It's Sew Kiki said...

Table runners look great Connie and you did a great job on the tutorial. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way my friend.

Margaret said...

Praying that Builder Bob is doing better soon. That biting your mouth thing is a pain. I have a swelling on the inside of my mouth and I bite it all the time, ouch! I will also keep your dad in my prayers. Heart stuff is very scary. On a happier note, I love the table runners. So easy and fast to spruce up a rather dull area. I may have to make a couple for my bathroom and my bedroom.

sulrossgrad (Emma) said...

Connie, may you find peace in all that is going on in your life.

FarahLin said...

Sorry to hear about Builder Bob and your Dad - hope and pray that all goes well for the both of them.

Pretty table runners, by the way and thanks for the tutorial!

Lu said...

Love your projects so much Connie. You have a gift for sure.
I will be praying for Builder Bob during this trying time, for your dear Dad that he may have a successful surgery and for you to find the strength and love from Jesus as needed. Have a great day!

Laura said...

Just found your blog. Lovely table runners! I had Bell's Palsy and hated it - one of my co-workers thought it was funny to imitate me because I couldn't always speak clearly. I didn't find it amusing at all. Hope it clears up for him soon.

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