Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting ready for Easy Street

Pin It I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments yesterday for Builder Bob and also for the wonderful information I've received. I am surprised at how many people know someone or have had Bells Palsy themselves. Today I'm going to the store to find a band-aid eye patch which should work better for him.
Fabric stash @Freemotion by the River
I spent the weekend reorganizing my fabric after seeing Bonnie Hunter's stash. I never get tired of touching my fabric. She is going to have another mystery quilt. Here is a link to some of her stash and also more info on the mystery quilt.

It is going to be called Easy Street and not be as intense as the last two years. The first clue will go up Friday, November 23rd but the yardage requirements are up, so I went through my fabrics to see if I needed anything since I was running to town. I picked up a couple of 1/2 yard pieces of black on white and a couple FQ of lime. I still need more fabrics....brighter teals, more black on white.....which I'll find later this week when I go babysit the grand-kids.
stash fabrics
Are you going to take part? Her mystery quilt is always so much fun and I thought about be brave and doing different colors this year but......I like the colors she picked.
Ora Bay at Freemotion by the River
Last year the mystery quilt was Orca Bay and I am proud to say I have this one finished.
Roll, roll cotton boll
The year before was the first mystery quilt I did and I have the top all pieced but still have to put the border on it. When I finished Orca Bay I pulled this out and was just going to finish it with a plain border but since I already have the pieces all cut I'll wait and eventually finish this one too.
Quilt blocks on the floor
A while ago I started this leaders and enders just work on a block or two while working on another quilt......well, yesterday I just worked on this! I have plenty of 2 1/2 inch blocks that I sew together while quilting and this was just begging me to make the blocks. I am using 2 1/2 inch square and 4 1/2 HST's. Finally I put the blocks away.......well not too far....I have more to make so my basket is close to my sewing machine.
Quilt blocks Leaders and enders
The UR Priceless blog hop starts today - my day is Friday! Be sure and check out the blogs below.
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  1. You are one busy lady! Best wishes to Builder Bob. What a crazy thing to happen.

  2. I skipped Orca and passed on my Cotton Boll (minus borders)to Sarah's group - not a BIG quilt maker, but I am up for a mystery so need to start digging the stash.

  3. Just been reading everything I missed during our vacation. Oh my, how scared you must feel with your hubby having a healt scare like that. Will pray for his speedy recorvery.

    I hope you want to join inn on the tag I gave you in my blog. A nice way to learn more about a person. Don't feel bad if you don't want to, it's just for fun.

    Well, give your hubby a big dutch hug for me.

  4. I'm sure going to watch...I don't think I'm ready for a mystery yet. LOL! Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for your coin purse!! :)

  5. Ohhh I want to start the easy street too, my orca quilt is not done, the top is done without borders, might omit those or add a solid border, I don't know.... I do need GREY for this one and maybe some more black on white, I'm sticking with her color choices too, didn't last year and it back fired on me.

  6. Scrap quilting has not called to me yet...even when my guild had Bonnie in for a workshop this year. Different strokes...but your quilts lovely!

  7. I love scrap quilting, but I just can't find time to do the quilt-a-long. I'll just have to watch and wish! Your Orca Bay quilt looks gorgeous on your bed!

  8. Connie, I love all your quilts! Your blue one grabs me the most...and that was just made from leaders and enders? It is gorgeous! I have been thinking of doing Bonnie's quilt, but struggling with color choices...really want to use my stash but have to change some colors, which is always a challenge for me! Great post!

  9. Lots of pretty quilts to admire! It's going to be fun to see Easy Street quilts in the making - love those colors - but I'll be working on my UFOs instead. Maybe I'll make one later...

  10. Wow! Some beautiful Bonnie quilts you have there Connie! Orca Bay just looks stunning on your bed - and the little accessory pillow is too dang cute!!! I'm thinking of doing one like that for my Scrappy Bearpaws quilt.

    I'm definitely playing along on Easy Street. Her mysteries are always fun and she hasn't done one yet that wasn't gorgeous!!!

  11. Your Bonnie Mystery quilts are just gorgeous and I'm jumping in on this one! I need a gray and a few black on whites to round things out, but I can not wait until the 23rd.
    My stash is in plastic bins, but if I ever get a shelf setup, I'll be a folding fool. :) Yours looks so nice. Continued prayers that Builder Bob improves each day.

  12. I hope Builder Bob is okay. I have only someone mystery quilt and I really enjoyed it, but alas I have too much going on. Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together :)

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  14. I, too, am looking forward to Easy Street. I hope I can finish it.

    If BB patches his eye will he be able to adjust to lack of depth perception in his work? That would be tough for me.

    Love your Orca Bay quilt. The colors are so wonderful in it.

  15. You are busy!! The organizing looks great as do all your propjects!! Sew on my friend!

  16. I am gonna do it! However I have not decided if I ammo gonna stick with her colours... what am I saying they are bright and bold and run of course I am gonna use them! Lol I also have to go to the store! My stassh is not near large enough!

  17. Love your fabric choices for Bonnie's new mystery. Thank you for the 'heads up' on that :)
    Your Orca Bay quilt turned out so beautiful!! You did well to get it finished. Mine is still loitering in a box some where.
    Your stash looks so tidy too :)

  18. So happy to hear that things have improved some for B.Bob. Fingers crossed the eye-patch helps him get some rest.
    Love you OB! Looks wonderful on your bed. I'm with you on the new Mystery ES - the colors sound great even tho' they are a tad outside my usual "color box". This will be fun. YOUR stash looks great and so neat!

  19. I will be doing this mystery too! LOVE BONNIE (I am her number one fan, lol!). I also love your picture showing barettes to hold together a set of ten blocks or so. I have lots of barettes with no job to do since I bought new clipies for binding...I will be using my barettes this way now! Thanks!

  20. Your beautiful Orca Bay quilt has inspired me to have a go at the Easy Street Mystery Quilt. I look forward to seeing your progress.


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