Thursday, December 27, 2012


Pin It Yesterday was a day of running my dad to physical therapy, picking up prescriptions and I didn't get much done in the way of quilting but.....I played with some Zentangles and had fun with some new books I bought from Amazon. Maybe it was all the black and white fabrics being used in my Easy Street mystery quilt that made me start thinking about Zentangles again and using them in quilting. Have you ever tried it?
Zentangle fun
I received this package of interesting scraps from Laura at Artfabrik. I won this and I have to say....boy does she work with teeny tiny pieces! It is neat to see her hand dyed fabrics too.
Here are some beautiful Northcott Stonehedge fabrics I won from Eva Paige Quilt Designs. Perfect colors for some great Christmas projects.
Northcott Stonehedge fabric win
Our internet has been on and off.....I think it took me over an hour just to get this post done....hopefully I'll get it posted. So I think this might be a good day to keep warm in my quilt room or maybe read a good book.


  1. Connie, your zentangles look great. I have been wanting to try them for a long time... someday.

  2. I love your Zentangles Connie! Aren't they so much fun?!? And you better keep a good eye on those Stonehenge fabrics - gorgeous - they might just disappear :*D

  3. I zentangles as I call zendoodles! AND I have tons pinned on pinterest!! I have used some in quilting and it is soooo fun!!

  4. Those zentangles look great connie, we have a family friend who does this, check her out here she is a crazyquilter turned zentangler. I've had the "quilting like zentangles" idea for a little while, but its going to have sit on my list of things to try for a little while longer! your sketches are awesome, keep it up :)

  5. Haven't tried them yet, but I want to!

  6. There is no Zen in my Yours look really great!

    Congratulations on your wins.

  7. Zentangles is a new word for me! Will look forward to seeing what you do with your creations! Stay warm and cosy in your sewing room and enjoy playing with your gorgeous new fabrics!

  8. Zentangles are so much fun. My experience with them was using pen/ink. Fabric and quilting sound better! You always find the fun stuff, Connie!
    If your Dad is at PT he must be feeling better... that's super news!
    Happy New Year!

  9. I have never heard of zentangles or tried them. They look fantastic. I think I may have to look into them to improve my doodling skills. They look perfect for FMQ ideas. I wonder if they are called something else in Australia, because I honestly have never come across them?

  10. I've looked at the Zentangles books several times but just can't make the plunge. I have so many UFOs now I'm afraid that might just add to the number. :) blessings, marlene

  11. The zentangle looks like you've had fun with it! It's rather relaxing, isn't it?! :)

  12. Our Quilt Guild had a Zentangle Teacher come and teach a basic lesson. I loved it since I am such a huge doodler. My doodling is like zentangles so when I first saw it I felt like I had found old friends! I Zentangle when I am sitting in any lecture type situation. I'm so ADD that it helps to keep me focused and I can tell you everything the speaker has said. I made a great special ed teacher with learning disabled students because I understood their need to move, doodle, or any extra movement that helped them focus or sit still. My church bulletin is a work of Zentangle art every Sunday!! I've never translated it to my quilting however. I will have to improve my FMQ skills before I give it a whirl.
    Gmama Jane


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