Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smart phone needs Smart grandson

Pin It I worked on both colors of my Easy Street quilt yesterday but......I don't have any photos to share yet because......I finally got a Smart Phone and.....I need a Smart Grandson to show me how to get the pictures off of it. Fortunately I am picking him up today and he gets to stay for a few days so I'll learn how to use my phone and......maybe he'll like learning how to do Zentangles.

Any suggestions of good quilting apps I should download for my phone?

In the meantime I'll show you some fun photos of Bella and Simon. Bella loves getting her picture taken.
She loves to scare me to death by jumping up on the back of my have no idea how many cups of coffee I have spilled.
Bella on desk chair
 Bella was sweet enough to let me get a closeup of her cute little nose.
Bellas nose
 These two really enjoy snuggling.......notice how Bella has her leg thrown over Simon. They were sleeping before I came in and started taking pictures.
Bella and Simon snuggling
Enjoy your day!


  1. i didn't think i'd like my smart phone, but after 2 years- i don't think i could go without it. i couldn't drive if not for the GPS :)

    quilting apps-
    Joann's has an free app that has access to instant coupons. just show the coupon on your phone to the cashier

    robert Kaufman has an free app (it was free when i downloaded it) 'Quilting Calculator' that does all the math for yardage for you (and you can set the defualt measurements- width of binding, etc)

    another fun, but NQR app is SkyView. it shows all the stars and planet positions in the sky- day or night using your camera and GPS coordinates. i advise the paid version rather than the freebie. it will even show space junk and the ISS :)

    also- check if your bank has an app. my bank does and i can deposit checks simply by taking a picture of it...

    "there's an app for that" is true...there's an app for just about everything :)

    have fun!!

  2. Thank goodness we have smart grandchildren to show us how to use our fancy toys!!!!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the Easy Streets, but the little furbabies are awfully cute to look at too.

  3. My cats like to sleep on the back of the office chair, it's really funny when my 13 pounder jumps up there! I remember when my double trouble used to sit back there together! Simon and Bella are so sweet!

  4. What beautiful kitties! Thanks for sharing them today - that was a real treat!

    If you have the iPhone, then you also have a free iCloud account. You can then download iCloud to your computer, and your pictures will wirelessly transfer from your phone to your computer through Photo Stream. It's a little complicated to set up, but once its up and running it's amazing! I don't have to plug anything in or email pictures to myself. I just open my Photo Stream and there they are!

  5. I have apps that calculate yardage, show many traditional blocks, embroidery stitches, thread selection etc, but my favorite is called Quilt Shops. It comes from Quilters Club of America and locates quilt shops in your area. I love to visit local quilt shops when I travel. AroundMe could do the same thing but I like having an app just for quilters. You will love your new phone!

  6. Part of why I don't have a 'techie' phone. Love your fur babies - so white!!

  7. Congrats on getting your smart phone Connie! I have an iPhone and love favorite app is MSQ so I can watch their tutorials wherever I go. As Teresa in Music City said regarding pics..iCloud streams them right onto your computer.

    Great pics of Bella and Simon...they are both so cute!!!

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your Easy Street pix...I'm still living in the Dark Ages with a pay-as-you-go flip-phone without texting and internet, lol! Bella & Simon are sweet; mine like to do the jump on the back of the chair and scare me as well - love kitties :)

  9. Hi Connie, I love the photos of your furbabies they are so cute.

    I have an android phone (no booing and hissing please) and it all links to my gmail account and does all that the iphone does. Download of photos is so easy and didn't require special set up. Whatever sort of smart phone you have once your grandson has set it up you will soon learn how to use it to its full potential and wonder how you coped without one. Enjoy.

  10. what great mates they are Connie.xx

  11. You could take your media card out of your phone and plug it into your computer, or you could do what I do, and just mail pictures to yourself! ;)

  12. Is it sad that my 3 year old has taught me a thing or 2 about my tablet? I swear, kids are SO smart!

  13. I can relate to your post today, because I still do not have a smart phone. It is on my list of 2013 plans though, and then I will be asking for help learning how to use it. I love the photos of your cats.

  14. I only have a stupid phone, but I'm seriously considering having my husband download the quilt shop app to his smart phone for me!

  15. smart phones... oh boy can I relate! lol. My smart kids sent me a smart phone, but i guess I'm not smart! Need one of my grandkids to explain it all to me.
    Darling pics of your kitties... they are just so darn cute! Way high on the Cutesy Meter!

  16. I have an android smart phone and use the Robert Kaufman quilt calculator app often. It helps me calculate things like how much backing fabric I need, how much binding and how many binding strips to cut.

  17. Bella is so beautiful, she reminds me of my photogenic...

  18. Beautiful kitties! Are they siblings? Your Easy Street in warm colors is shaping up well! I had NO idea there were going to be so many pieces to match up in this quilt! I had to go to the eye doctor to get glasses in order to do this! LOL

  19. I used to have a cat, Thumper, who would jump on the back of my chair too. Used to scare the crisp out of me. He also used to hide under the couch and when you walked by he would swipe out with his paw and snag my ankles. I kept threatening to declaw him but we live in the country and I didn't want him defenseless with all the barn cats around here.

  20. Happy New Year! Love the kitty pix - they are really such pretty cats. If I weren't allergic I would definitely have one (or two) despite what I'm sure would be a protest from my dog.
    It's nice to look forward to getting back into a routine. Hope your dad is doing well.

  21. LOL, my kids have to help me with my phone ALL the time...CUTE kitty pictures!!

  22. I love the cat pics Connie. I had to laugh that the one jumps on the back of your chair like that. LOL Thankfully mine won't jump on mine but, he has his own drawer in my desk which is pulled out all the time just for him so that's where he goes. Of course, he does tend to tap his foot on my arm and slowly curls his toes so the tip of the nails will just barely touch my arm as he tries to sneak onto my desk. Like I haven't figured that out yet what he's going to do after doing that on my arm. They're so funny.

    The way you and hubby are wandering around so often you need to download the Quilters Club of America quilt shop locater

    I've used that before and it's fairly easy to use.

    Pictures on my phone are easy to get to my computer. I'm sure there are other ways to do it but, when I am looking at a picture I just touch it and hold my finger down until a menu pops up. On that menu I choose the 'text' option and then after choosing that a window will pop up asking me who I want to send it to (the picture automatically goes with the text message) and I type my email addy in there then hit send. That's all I have to do and shortly after hitting send it's in my email.

    How funny as I am typing this on your blog I am watching the emails coming in which show me in a little bubble in the corner of my screen who they are and one is from you. LOL

  23. I;ve had my smart phone for 6 months now and I still don't know a ton about it. Good luck.

  24. I just got an android yesterday and have already spent loads of time getting acquainted with it. It's good to keep my old brain energized with new things!


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