Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paper Piecing 1/4"

Pin It I am happy to present a new sponsor - Quilt Art Designs a new paper piecing digital magazine created by Janeen van Niekerk. There are 15 neat designs included in the first issue.

Check it out here to see samples of what patterns are in the magazine.
Quilt Art Designs 1/4"
If you love paper will love this new magazine! I just got the first issue and I'm working on the walrus!
Walrus PP from Quilt Art Designs
I have only done a few paper piecing projects and it had been a while since I did one so I'm a little slow......but I'm getting there! Here are all my pieces ready to put together. Notice my crayons.....I used them to help me keep track of my colors.
working on the walrus
There is also a color sheet and a number sheet that you can print out.
piecing the walrus together
 The very first section I pieced was the eye (before I used the crayons) when I laid out my pieces something didn't look right. I don't know if you can see it but....there is a little teeny, tiny triangle piece and that was supposed to be the white.....I had to remake this section.
mistake on the eye
 Am I the only one who seems to make a mess when I paper piece? I have little pieces of fabric and paper everywhere.....including the floor! Messy but worth it when finished.
Paper piecing is messy
Here is my finished piece, can you see the white glint in the eye now? Perfect! My piece is a little wonky so I will just straighten it up a bit. I already know what I'm going to use this piece for......I'll show you soon!
My finished walrus at Freemotion by the River
  You may have already seen Quilt Art Designs beautiful paper piecing as every month you can download a FREE pattern and take part  In the Garden BOM 2014. If you missed the humming bird, it is included in this volume of Paper Piecing 1/4".
BOM @ QADesigns

This month the free design is the Sunflower and you can download it here. 
In the Garden BOM Sunflower free pattern
Okay, my next challenge will be to paper piece the beautiful sunflower! Want to join me?

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Susan at said...

Oh my! He's so cute! Janeen is quite a designer for sure. :)

Janeen van Niekerk said...

Oh Wow! Thanks for this Connie. Your block is GREAT!
Janeen :D x

Deborah Hamilton said...

Oh my goodness, that is so fabulous with all that detail!

Shari said...

Love, love, love Janeen's works. Thanks for pointing out her new mag...debating on single issue or yearly subscription, though I'm sure it won't take me long to decide! =)

Createology said...

My goodness Connie your paper piecing is such a lot of work and yes, messy. However your finished piece is amazing and beautiful. The details can only be obtained by paper piecing. This would be quite the challenge but well worth the effort. Creative PP Bliss...

Needled Mom said...

He/she looks great! The paper piecing on the sunflower looks really inticate and fun.

Teresa in Music City said...

One of my favorite walruses ever!!! I love to paper piece, but I get tidbits of fabric and threads and paper everywhere - just like you!!!

made by ChrissieD said...

Ha, I make such a mess too, paper everywhere, bits of fabric and thread. Looking forward to seeing what you make with this cute Mr Walrus :D

beaquilter said...

uhhhh intriquite FPP, know that's spelled wrong but oh well. I do want to do the sunflower! gorgeous! said...

Love the look of paper piecing,hate the mess and waste, but it is fun on occasion and I know the perfect person for a sunflower.

Kathy said...

Nice job on the walrus! I love paper piecing, and Janeen is an awesome designer!

Lorna McMahon said...

All those tiny pieces! Aaaack! You did a great job, Connie! He looks fabulous!

madebymeinred said...

Hey girl. You did the walrus up good. Perfect colors. Also went to the site for the magazine and their blog. This might be a magazine I'd enjoy.

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